A selection of sites WE MAINTAIN . . .

  • Pinners Hall

  • Arab National Bank

  • Vizion 7

  • Royal Victoria Place Shopping Centre

  • 1 Eversholt Street

  • The Shard

  • Southbank Central

  • Cannon Place

  • Cannon Bridge House

  • Rathbone Place

A selection of OUR INSTALLATIONS . . .


Holland Green Apartments

Holland Green consists of 56 luxury apartments over 3 buildings, with a communal basement area and fitness suite. Comprising of 5 Fire Alarm Panels, Sprinkler Indication Panel and Fireman’s Control Panel the system is networks to provide protection of all apartments back to the concierge via an IP Gateway.

Millennium Bridge House

IC Service & Maintenance Ltd were awarded the contract to upgrade the Fire and PAVA Panels. Using the Gent Vigilon Fire Alarm Panels and Baldwin Boxall PAVA systems, these had to be completed over two weekends in order to provide continued coverage to the building.

We also provide ongoing maintenance to the site.

Abbey Road Studios

IC Service & Maintenance Ltd have provided ongoing support to Abbey Road Studios including numerous small works projects on the site for a number of years.

EMI Archives

We provide ongoing support to EMI Archive for the Fire and Gas Suppression Systems, including the upgrade of all the Gas Bottles for the suppression system.

The Hilton at More London

IC Service & Maintenance Ltd provided the Fire Alarm and Fire Telephone System at the Hilton and have been providing ongoing service and maintenance for over 10 years.